[amy] Let the hiking begin

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend. It was a hike-tastic weekend for me. Friday afternoon I walked up Gile Mt. in Norwich. It was really easy and beautiful- the perfect warm up. Here are some nice pictures. I'll bring my camera the next time it's a clear day.

Saturday I hiked Cardigan Mt. The trail was fun and there were lots of people around. The top was extremely windy on the bare rock but that was refreshing. I walked to a small outcrop that wasn't too windy and took a nap before walking back down. Here's a nice shot of the kind of panoramic view you get at the top.

Sunday was spent recovering from a party Saturday night. I mostly slept, shuffled around my place, tried cleaning up a little and managed to cook myself some supper.

Monday was a holiday and I spent the morning climbing Moose Mountain. I can't find any pictures of it but it doesn't matter because the hike sssssucked! It was the opposite of Cardigan in every way. I was basically the ONLY person hiking along a lonely, wooded trail. Which, I know, sounds nice and all but when you're wondering if that sound behind you is your backpack or a demon monster wanting to tear your body to shreds, it can make for a stressful hike. And it was way buggy, too. The trail near the top was overgrown and I wondered how long it would take anyone to find my body if I happened to fall.

I came across a couple people on my way back down. Actually, I came across their huge, brown dog first. I saw it on the trail ahead of me and my initial reaction was "Oh my god a bear what the fuck is that it's a dog it wants to kill me-" I finally had to called out "Hello?!" to try to get the owners to hold onto the rabid beast while I passed by. And the story gets even better! As I was running back down (I occasionally like to run back down the trails I hike up because it's more fun), I tripped over an exposed root and went soaring through the air like Superman, arms outstretched. I let out a weak "ugh!" as I braced for impact and wondered how much damage I was going to get. I hit the ground, skidded to a halt, checked my dirt-covered body for blood, didn't find any and kept walking. My legs aren't bad but my right arm is scraped from elbow to the middle of my forearm and I've got a nasty bruise on my tricep.

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