[amy] Doing lots of stuff...

I've been watching the first season of 24 while knitting. A couple guys I know are all about it and I ended up renting it from Hollywood Video because Netflix can't get DVDs to me as fast as I watch them. I can only sit through about an episode and a half of 24 before I have to get up and do something. There are so many things going on in that one hour and after it's over I end up thinking, "Well, Jack saved his wife and daughter, stopped an assassination attempt on the Senator, kicked some guy's ass, did his taxes, had a baby and wrote a book. What did I do? I knit a few more rows... But I have to watch more." I'll start the next episode and 20-30 minutes into it (after Jack has uncovered a mole within CTU, re-rescued his wife and saved the universe), I think, "Nope. I gotta do something."

So this weekend I went crazy. I took care of 70% of the recycling that was piling up in my back room (and ordered the remaining 30%, which I will take to the Recycling Center next weekend), shelved a bookcase full of books that were just sitting on my library floor, took care of all the garbage in my apartment, washed and put away every dish I own, did 5 loads of laundry (and neatly folded, hung, put it all away!), pulled and organized all the clothes I don't wear anymore to donate to Good Buy (next weekend), got a car wash, had a really good workout at the gym, finished and blocked one sleeve of my sweater, finished about 40% of the second sleeve, got all my grocery shopping done for the week, three-hole punched loose patterns that were laying around and put them neatly into my knitting binder, cleaned my bathroom sink and toilet, changed my sheets... I'm telling you there's more, I just can't remember right now... And I did all this between watching (and being motivated by) 12 episodes of 24. It might be important to note that I got up at 7am on Saturday and Sunday and was in bed by 10. So... that's kind of lame. But I got a lot of shit done.

And I have to say the best part of the whole weekend was going to the Recycling Center. I'd never been and I was bringing about a million beer bottles, cans, cardboard and garbage. The place is no joke. You drive around, throw your garbage bag down into one enormous dumpster, drive around, throw your cardboard into another dumpster, drive around, throw your paper into another dumpster, then drive around and up to the main building where throw your separated cans, bottles, plastics and "other" cardboards. I brought my bottles to the end of the isle within the Center and tentatively dropped one through the hole in front of me. I let go and counted to five before I heard a SMASH tinkle tinkle tinkle. I saw a guy coming toward me and asked, "Hey man, is it like all right if the bottle shatters when it hits the bottom?" He said, "Sure. That's the best part. Get to it." All right! Instead of dropping one bottle at a time, which would take way too long and is (I think) the wimpy thing to do, I picked up a 12-pack box and upturned the whole thing. SMASH SMASH CRASH SMASH CRASH!!!! Oh yes. I can get used to this.

If there's something that you don't get to do everyday, it's probably "break shit". Unless you're in the business of "breaking shit", you're missing out on the really satisfying sound and feeling of throwing something and watching it break. I had to settle for hearing it break, but I still enjoyed it immensely.

And the thing about the Recycling Center is that everyone's in a total mad hurry. I got rid of 300 glass bottles, 200 aluminium cans and 30 pieces of cardboard in 2 minutes flat. Seriously. In and out. The only snag I ran into was when I shoved a woman (who was holding a toddler) out of my way and attempted to slide some cardboard into the 'cardboard' slot. "That's corrugated!" she screamed in my face, "That's corrugated cardboard! That doesn't go there! This isn't for corrugated-" I pulled my shit back through and walked down to the corrugated slot with it. The place was like "Scary Civilian Militant Zone".


cresmer said...

Watching tv shows on DVD is like smoking crack. At least, that's how I imagine crack would make you feel--like you just couldn't get enough and needed to have more.

My partner and I just plowed through seasons 1-3 of Alias in, like, 3 weeks. One weekend we watched 14 episodes.

Maybe 24 will be next.

amy said...

Alias... yes... I've been thinking about that. I currently have Deadwood, Freaks & Geeks, Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Wonderfalls in my Netflix queue. I may have to add Alias as well...