[spinning] Tideline finished

Romney, all plied and washed and dried:

New handspun yarn. Club leftover grab bag by @helloyarn. Romney wool in ‘Tideline’, 8oz. #stashdown #spinning #handspun #handspunyarn

The two skeins are kind of fraternal twins. The one on the left is more barber-pole, the one on the right has some colors that line up. I might use them for different projects.

I'm just happy to get a big bag of fiber out of the stash. These were some bits and ends from Hello Yarn, leftovers from the fiber club. 


TGIF. Will be going over to my neighbor's to pick some concord grapes, so I'm trying to find recipes. Will try a pumpkin recipe this weekend. Maybe pie since I have single pie crust leftover from making the mushroom tart. Although... a quiche would be so nice.

I'm ready to ply the Jade Chopsticks over the weekend. Start spinning some new fiber. Both little toddler sweaters are done (buttons and everything)- just need to take pictures. I need to finish practicing weaving a couple coasters- I'm going to start the Wolverine: The Long Night podcast for something to listen to while I sit at the craft room table. 

I'm ready to start the kitty couch but I need a lot of yarn. I'd prefer not to buy anything but I don't have 1200 yards of a single-color wool/acrylic lying around. Will hit up the craft stores after work. I did pull out my sock yarn scraps last night, though, to start a little granny square afghan for the couch. It's going to be so cuuuuute.

Ready to start the weekend ASAP. 

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