[misc] Oh Christmas Tree

Went out last Saturday to get a Christmas tree. It was sunny and 55 degrees.

Christmas tree shopping

I found a nice little tree for $45. I always want to barter but I'm not sure how to do it. "Hm, I'm interested in this one but... I don't know, the bottom is kind of messed up. Tell you what- I'll give you $40." I really only wanted to pay $40 was I was too worried about insulting them. So I didn't say anything and paid $45. 

At home, in the stand:

Tree up, ready to decorate

And after all the decorating:

Tree decorated

The cats aren't too interested in it- Rocky has been messing with it more. He's knocked down a low-hanging ornament and nibbled a bit on it here and there. This is out first Christmas with the rabbit and as I saw him chewing, I thought, "Yeeeaahh I should probably Google whether or not fir trees are lethal to bunnies." Turns out they're fine as long as they haven't been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals. 

Time to start wrapping gifts to put under the tree. I guess I need to start making them, then.

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