[misc] Blue hair

A couple weeks ago I had an appointment at a salon to dye my hair a crazy color. The entire process took three hours and was pretty expensive (in my opinion). First, bleach paste was applied to my hair- 

Trying something new...

So that the hair would be light enough to take dye.

Then that was rinsed. Blue dye was quickly painted on and rinsed. I really really really really loved how it turned out. Indoors the color was subtle but in natural light- it was a very pretty blue. The next morning I took this picture:

I blue myself. #bluehair #bluepillow

But the color literally didn't even last a week. So disappoint. I got a sulfate-free shampoo, stayed away from hot water and hot blow dryers. It just... washed out. The only consolation is that my hair just looks highlighted now- after the dye washed out, the lighter streaks remain. I could go to Sally's or some hair shop to get dye and do Manic Panic at home but... I don't know if it's worth it. Blue pillows. Blue neck. Blue towels. Blue spots staining the walls above the shower (oops). 

It was a fun and flattering color without looking ridiculous but I would only ever do it again for a special occasion- maybe before going away for vacation or an event. It's too much work and way too expensive to do as a regular thing. And it was really disappointing that after only a week 80% of the color was gone and after two weeks, it's completely gone. 


Shelby Armitage said...

So pretty!

Blue is the quickest color to wash out. It's something about the blue pigment molecules being bigger than with any other color, and there literally isn't space on the hair shaft for the molecules to sink in. At least, that's the line my hairdresser fed me, anyway. It also depends on the dye formulation - some formulations have much finer and more absorb-able pigments than others, so they come out brighter and last longer.

When I first started having purple streaks put in my hair, the color really only lasted about two weeks, then it would start to look faded very quickly and be almost completely gone by six weeks out. Three years down the line, it usually stays pretty well for about four or five weeks. By the time my seven-week hair appointment rolls around, the purple is faded to a silvery lavender grey that sounds good on paper but basically just makes me look like I have a really weird genetic scalp disorder. ;)

Rebecca said...

Aw, crumb. So much time and travel and cost for two weeks of color. I wonder how well hair chalk works on dark hair. Anyway, it looked great while it lasted!

amy said...

Figures I would choose a color that would last the least amount of time. After yesterday's post and being all, "Bah too messy doesn't last" I'm contemplating getting a jar of manic panic. Colored hair is just too fun.

Shiela Dixon said...

Makes you wonder why in the 21st century getting your hair the colour you want is difficult to obtain, short-lived and messy. I've now stopped trying after paying my hairdresser a very large amount per month for a purple you could only really see in bright sunshine (no better than the six quid box from Boots).

amy said...

Boooooooots. I spent my junior year abroad in England and Boots was my favorite store. I could spend hours browsing. <3