[quilting] New old quilt top

Years ago (I'm talking 10 years ago) I bought some quarters from Joann's and made a simple square top to see if I was into quilting. Well, it turns out I'm not. So I folded everything up and shoved it into a box. 

I heard about a place in Fairlee, VT that finishes quilts. They have a big quilting machine and software that can stitch various designs and they can take care of everything. But it was a little pricey and I'm cheap so... 

As a Christmas gift, Dollar said he would pay to have it finished. So I pulled the top out to measure the area. Penny "helped":

Measuring quilt top that I made a decade ago. Planning on sending it away to be finished. Because quilting clearly isn't my thing.

I brought it up to Barnyard Quilting on Saturday. I picked out the batting, thread and quilt design. The woman who helped me was so nice and helpful and accommodating. They have so many amazing projects on display around the shop, I felt a little sheepish bringing in this thing of random squares. But I can't wait for it to be finished (at the end of the month). Will it be enough to push me over the edge and buy a sewing machine and take up quilting? Possibly. But probably only if Dollar keeps paying to have my quilts finished for me.

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