[crafts] DIY Bottlecap Tray #2

Since I have 25,000 bottlecaps and the first bottlecap tray that I made only used about 80, I decided to make another tray. This time without grout because that was a pain to add.

Bottlecap Tray

The tray is from a Joann craft store. I added several coats of Mod Podge: Hard Coat to the interior, just seal up the joints and edges. I was sure the resin would leak out of the joints and edges where the wood pieces came together.

I hot glued the caps to the tray and poured the resin.

Bottlecap Tray

No grout this time, which was actually quite detrimental to the finished project. Air pockets under the caps released bubbles. You can actually blow on the surface of the resin as it dries, to pop these bubbles but the resin takes hours to cure and I can only huff toxic fumes for so long. I left and came back to hardened craters:


When you feel the surface, it's pockmarked. Had I added the stupid grout, it would have prevented the bubbles escaping from under the caps. So. Back to the drawing board. This tray is fine for me to use at home- I just won't be giving it as a gift like I had originally planned. 

Time to go hunting for new trays.


Becky said...

I really like that the whole bottle cap can be seen without the grout. I wonder if you filled the caps with resin, then turn them over and adhere them to your tray surface, and then pour the resin over the top. There shouldn't be any bubbles then, and you don't need the grout. Just a thought.
BTW, I love your kitties!

amy said...

That's a good idea!