[knitting] Pup Tent 3

3rd time making the Pup Tent pattern:

Pup Tent 3

Modifications: Cast on for a k4p4 brim, long enough to fold over. For the main portion of the hat, I converted the twisted Left and Right stitches to purl the stitch being passed behind. The original pattern has you knit both stitches, I believe just to keep things easy, but on the following round you purl the stitch that was passed behind. So I just did it when the small 2-stitch cables came up. This makes the design pop more. I like it.

I used practically all of one ball of Berroco Weekend. Nice, smooth yarn- perfect for the hat and stitches used- the only negative aspect is that it's made up of a lot of plies that were easily speared by my needles.

The plan was to add a big, foofy pompom to the top. I know I bought two balls. I mean, I'm pretty sure I did. I'm, like, 99.99999% sure. But after looking through the usual stash spots, dumping out bags of yarn, rummaging through tubs and essentially tearing apart the craft room, I couldn't find the other ball. I decided to stop looking and simply make the pompom when the other ball magically appears (I didn't give it away did I? Did I use it for something else?). 

I'm sick. I've been sick since Carnage this past weekend. I only had a day or two of headaches and chills, now it's just cough-cough-cough. I've mostly lost my voice. And I'm taking a knitting class tomorrow that my local yarn shop organized. Lucy Neatby and Sally Melville are coming for the weekend and I'm taking a double-knitting class with Lucy Neatby! I'm so excited for it but kind of bummed that I sound like a raspy boy going through puberty. Oh well :(

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