[misc] Penny Monday

Dollar and I were playing Catan Dice and Penny wanted to play, too:

Penny wants to play, too.

That's not how you play, Penny!

It was a pretty chill weekend. Saturday was the Joy of Painting class- and I forgot my camera. I like to take step-by-step pictures as we're painting but I only have a finished picture this time around. I finished my little biscornu pincushion. I started a small cotton crocheted doily but stopped when I got to a round of instructions that read like "split triple treble in the front of the second leg, work second leg same as first leg of the second double split triple treble". What. Don't the words 'triple' and 'treble' mean the same thing? Good thing there are pictures of all of the finished doilies in this book.

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