[misc] Murderface Monday

MF Sleeping

Had a craftapalooza at home this weekend. Tried to use up a significant portion of my yarn stash but only ended up using 2.5 balls of bulky weight. Hm. 

I finished up a cross-stitch project, started another, tidied up an embroidery project (and inadvertently ended up cutting a thread on the back that I shouldn't have... will need to wash/dry the item to see if a significant portion of it unravels... le sigh). 

Knit two pairs of slippers. Finished a small crocheted bag. Blocked the bag and that hairy doily I made a few weeks ago.

And I made an apple pie that turned out so well, it made me angry. Angry that I'll probably never make another pie as perfect and angry that I had to share any of it with Dollar. It was so good, after you ate a slice, you'd think, "Well shit. I'm going to go eat the rest of it." This pie was insane. 

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