[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface, coming to see what I'm eating and whether or not he wants some:


He always wants some. He's Starvin' Marvin all the time because Penny eats her food as OMGfastAsPossible and then runs over to his dish to eat whatever he's still woking on. (Penny knows enough to not try that anymore with Santana.) Murderface tried to bite the air around her head but he doesn't smack her to deter her. He's just too sweet and polite. But then he's like, "Meow I'm hungry! Meow I'm hungry! Meow! MEOW!" Penny, can you not take Murderface's food anymore, please?



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gayle said...

I've got the same problem going on with my sheep. Our new little ram tries to eat ALL the food, using those horns of his to encourage the other sheep out of his way. He's all kinds of cute, but awfully pushy...