[spinning] Nightingale Fibers

At the 2010 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival last October, I found a bargain tucked away in a small brown bag on a low shelf in a vendor's booth:

Nightingale Fibers

Pencil roving = easy to spin. Cormo/silk/alpaca = heavenly. Only 2.5 oz (this ball was roughly the size of a small grapefruit) but it was only $3. THREE DOLLARS. And so pretty. So I got it.

I went to spin it but it was dense. Compacted, matted fiber strikes again. I spent two nights predrafting this fiber (gently tugging, opening up, pulling inch after inch after inch) until I had a massive mound of light fluffy fiber ready to spin.

But it still drafted lumpy/bumpy, giving the finished yarn a more "homemade" look.

Nightingale Fibers

Not the most even yarn in the world, but it did turn out well. It's soft from the alpaca, bouncy from the cormo and there's a nice sheen from the silk.

Nightingale Fibers

Not sure what the yardage is but it's only 2.5 oz. Should be enough here for a Lotus Hat. I hope.


gayle said...

If not enough for a hat, it might make a cowl. (Is it soft enough for that?)
Love the colors!

Johannah said...

Beautiful colors!!!