[spinning] Tour de Fleece: Results

Well, I only got half of what I wanted done for the Tour de Fleece.


Campfire, in a dk-to-worsted weight.

Pharoh's Gold

Pharaoh's Gold, bulky.

I did spin both on my Ashford Traveler. I started a tiny bit of the Vineyard sw-merino, but didn't get too far. My spinning fit has passed and I feel more like knitting right now. I didn't want to start the vineyard, stop for months, pick it back up again only to spin a different weight of yarn. Best to do it all at once when the inspiration strikes again.

My fiber stash is going down, though, which is a good thing. Vermont Sheep and Wool is coming up in early October...

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gayle said...

You did better than I did. For the Tour, I was going to spin 2 lbs of Shetland fleece. I got 3 bobbins of singles done, which I plied the day after the Tour was over.
Epic fail...