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I'm trying to sort out one my unfinished projects: Starsky. There it was, languishing on the needles, the back a mere inch or two from being cast off. I recently saw someone had knit the back AND started the fronts in a day. Sigh, just the motivation I needed. Since I still get up really early on weekends but the lump in bed next to me likes to sleep in, I brought the project downstairs, put on the first Lord of the Rings movie, tried to figure out where I was in the pattern, made a few mistakes and eventually cast-off the back. I'll do the fronts and sleeves some day.

I finished Dollar's newest pair of socks. I used all four balls of Mission Falls 100% Merino Superwash. Of the four balls, one ball had a couple (quite close) knotted sections that had to be cut out. I hate having more ends to weave in. I socks are squishy and heavy. Dollar loves them because his feet are flat and the socks add more padding to the soles. Too bad I told him I wasn't going to knit with this yarn again. The yardage isn't great. I prefer using ONE ball of yarn per sock (fewer ends to weave in). That was the case with Lion Brand Wool Ease (though not the greatest yarn) and Lamb's Pride Superwash (a little pricey). For his next pair I will try Cascade 220 Superwash.

After giving so many projects away, I've decided to knit something for me. I cast on for the lace nightie from Interweave Knits! I'm using Valley Yarns Longmeadow that I picked up on Saturday. My sister and I drove down to Webs and while I thought I'd go crazy (Supermarket Sweep style), I held it in. I got five balls of Longmeadow (lilac) and seven skeins of Elizabeth Lavold Angora (white). The Longmeadow is for the nightie, the angora is for my friend's wedding capelet. I'm almost done with the second ball of Longmeadow and the stitches look wonderful- a subtle shine and oh so soft.

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Kelly said...

Lots of beautiful knit there! Good for you knitting somthing for yourself. From the looks of it the nightie is going to be gorgeous!