[knitting] Scrappy Handspun Octopus

I made another toy from the scrappy handspun yarn:


The pattern is Common Octopus from Hansi Singh's Amigurumi Knits book. I used my handspun for the body and tops of the tentacles and Knit Picks Brava in a brick color for the bottoms of the tentacles.

Octopus- underside

It was a well-written and fun pattern. The tentacles are quick to do, joining isn't so bad, I inserted craft pipe-cleaners to the tentacles to make them poseable. I use safety eyes from my stash and whip-stitched the mantle to the base, which isn't so noticeable since I'm using a multicolored yarn. If I were using a solid color for the body, I would take the time to properly and invisibly graft the two pieces.

Common Octopus

I introduced the octopus to Penny:

Octopus and Penny. BFFs.

It really took a liking to her...

The octopus loves Penny

And you can see that she loves it, too!

Penny loves the octopus

Penny, my always-happy-to-oblige model.


gayle said...

Your octopus is gorgeous!

amy said...

Thank you!