[misc] Murderface Monday

It was unseasonably warm last week. Like, "time to open the windows warm":


Some of the receding snow uncovered green catnip. I picked a little bit:

Receding snow uncovered some green catnip. The cats ate it and are tripping balls.

And brought it in for the cats to eat. First green stuff of the year! They loved it.

Was a good weekend. Dollar had band practice at the house on Saturday while I went through a lot of the craft stuff that my grandmother has been giving me. Saturday night we went down to have a birthday dinner for Dollar's mom and nephew. And I got to hang with this dude:

Jimbo. 🐱

Jim. He's super chill- doesn't mind when people come over. The complete opposite of Penny. Here's a pic of her from last week:


All the melting snow and rain has been wreaking havoc on our dirt road (hello, mud season) but the temps have dropped back down. The warm weather really got me yearning for spring and gardening. I put in two little forsythia shrubs last summer and I can't wait to see them bloom this spring. I also planted lots of bulbs (I can't even remember what now). I want to see if there are any crocuses that the squirrels didn't get to. Lily of the Valley! Pulmonaria and Primula! I'm ready to throw aside my knitting and get my hands and feet dirty.


Rebecca said...

I like to show my husband Matt your cat photos and he caught sight of the "Dollar had band practice" line - and it turns out they know each other and worked together at Dan & Whit's years ago. Now he's sitting and occasionally muttering "that's so funny" while doing whatever it is he's doing on his computer. The Upper Valley is the smallest of worlds.

amy said...

Small world, indeed :) I'll mention this to him tonight.