[misc] Kitty Friday

Some recent pictures of the cats:



Bedtime buddy.


Santanner bananner. :tiger::banana:




Penny had her annual vet visit last weekend. Everything's fine, apart from tartar buildup. It looks like we're going to have to spend $$$ for a dental visit for her.

TGIF. Looking forward to a three day weekend. Got supplies to cook some nice stuff (rack of lamb! roast beef! homemade cubano sandwiches!). Going to take the snowshoes out for a spin in all this nice, new snow. Finish up the handspun baby sweater and maybe the funfetti shawl. And start something new? Or go back to the Sophie's Universe afghan like I keep saying I will? Clean the house? Make a King Cake to bring in to work on Tue? Hm. All this planning makes me want to take a nap.

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