[knitting] More Pussyhats

Time for more pussyhats:

More pussyhats. #pussyhatproject

The hot pink bulky one is complete (just used cheap-o house acrylic from Michaels) but I ran out of Cascade 220 Superwash for the lighter pink one. So I went back to the original project that I originally purchased the yarn for... but never completed.

Rrrrriiiiiip. No regrets, this ugly thing has remained unfinished in storage for nearly a decade. The yarn will be happier as something else.

It's meant to be a shrug from back in the day when shrugs were a thing. It fit weird- the sleeves too long, the shoulders too square. I never set in the second sleeve and this thing has been living at the bottom of a yarn basket for nearly 10 years. So to the frog pond it went:

Ripped sweater. Will skien and wash to get out the kinks.

I had zero remorse about ripping this thing back. The yarn will be happier as something else.

I wound all the balls into skeins:

Kinky yarn, skeined

Now they are ready to be washed and hopefully all that kinkiness will relax. 

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