[knitting] Moonlight Sonata shawl

Shawl complete:

Moonlight Sonata shawl. ❤️ Super fancy photo shoot in pjs and ponytail. #knitting #laceknitting #moonlightsonatashawl

Pattern: Moonlight Sonata

Needles: US 6

Yarn: 100% linen yarn from Finland, gifted to me

Moonlight Sonata shawl

I started this shawl last summer, with plans to bring it to San Diego. I didn't finish in time (story of my knitting liiiiiiife) and it kind of sat at the bottom of the knitting basket until a few weeks ago. I'm still trying to finish dormant WIPs.

I did the picot bind off, which gobbled up yarn like crazy and took 4.5 hours. Here's the blob (the lighting makes the yarn look lighter than it actually is):

This blob is finally off the needles. Bind off only took 4.5 hours. 😅 #knitting #laceknitting

I usually do an extra-stretchy bind off for shawls by knitting a stitch, knitting another stitch, moving the two stitches back to the left hand needle and then k2tog through the back loops. Then knit another stitch, move the two stitches back to the left hand needle and k2tog through the back loops, etc. There's no passing stitches over other stitches. This eats up yarn, especially for this project when factoring in the picot and you're casting on and casting off two new stitches throughout the bind off. 

Anyway, I sewed in ends and gave it a warm soak in Eucalan Wrapture in the Jasmine scent (omg this shawl smells so good now) and blocked:

Shawl is blocking. #knitting #laceknitting

It looks extra dark above because the yarn is damp.

This is the most accurate color:

The shawl is linen so it should last forever, right? #knitting #laceknitting #moonlightsonatashawl

I love love loveit. Used my DyakCraft wooden needles to knit it. The pattern was free. The yarn was free. I thought about squirreling this shawl away to be entered into the fair this coming fall but I don't think I'm going to be able to resist wearing/using it this summer. 

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