[knitting] Funfetti

Started a new shawl- Glitz at the Ritz:

Next shawl... #knitting

I have no info on the yarn other than I bought it a long time ago at a VT or NH Sheep and Wool festival. It's tweed with multi-colored neps, fairly rustic and not very soft. I went through my bead stash (I bought quite a few vials of beads from Joanns years ago when they were having a 99c clearance sale) and found a mix that I liked.

So far:

Tweed wool and beads makes this shawl look like funfetti. 🎉 #knitting #shawlknitting #beadknitting #funfetti

I like it. It reminds me of Pillsbury Funfetti cake. I don't think the beads are getting lost in the yarn- I think the neps and beads compliment each other and give an all-over-speckle-y look. Can't wait to finish this and block it.

Will be traveling a bit next week and I've got to figure out my plane knitting. Probably the new handspun eyelet yoke baby sweater I started... and a pair of socks for Dollar that I never finished in time for Christmas. Looks like they will be his Valentine's gift. 

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