[knitting] Cotton Ease Socks

My travel knitting for DC last week was a pair of worsted-weight socks for Dollar in Cotton Ease:

Boot socks

I started these in December, sure that I would be able to finish in time for the pair to be a Christmas gift. But these plain socks are just so boring, I can't help tossing them aside for a project more fun and interesting. Well what better place to force myself to finish them than an airport and airplane. I finished these socks in no time. And Dollar loves them, which is always a nice reward.

After finishing the shawl and baby sweater, in a fit of "I want to knit but I don't know what to knit", I started a new pair of socks:

Cotton socks

Oh no. This is usually the point where I go, "Bored now" and start scanning my stash for something else.

The yarn is Lion Brand Cotton Ease, now discontinued. I bought a bunch of  discounted balls from Craftsy for ~$3 each, so that brings each handknit pair of socks to ~$6 each. Less than that, actually, since I'll be able make another pair from the leftovers. This is good practice/training for Sock Madness!

TGIF. I cleaned/tidied like crazy yesterday. I need tons of new storage, though. 

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