[knitting] Cotton Ease Socks #2

Finished the 2nd pair of Cotton Ease socks:

Socks done. Memoir '44 campaign books out. Ready to set up some tabletop battles. #knitting

I finally cleared off the kitchen table so we can set up Memoir '44 and start a new campaign. We haven't played in a while but I want to start regularly playing some two-player games again. We have so many boardgames that we haven't touched in years.

After these socks were done, I was down to two unfinished projects- my third pussyhat and the crocheted afghan. Then I finished the pussyhat. Then I cast on two new projects. Oops. That always happens whenever I clean my craft room- I organize yarn and patterns and then find yarn that works with patterns and then I stop tidying to sit on the floor and cast on. Having said all that, one project is another eyelet yoke baby cardigan (because I'm addicted) and the other is a super bulky cowl/hood that is already nearly complete. I'm just trying to fill the time until the Sock Madness round 1 pattern drops. Hopefully tomorrow. 

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