[vermont] Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival

Was a busy weekend for me. Saturday morning I was up and out of the house early for the first part of my How to Buy, Process and Spin a Fleece class. We took a look at a skirted fleece:

Raw fleece class at VT Sheep and Wool this morning. Going to buy my first fresh-off-a-sheep fleece today! #vtsheepandwool

And discussed all the aspects of what to look for when you're ready to buy a bag of fleece. The class let out and then we were off to the festival to buy a fleece. I was kind of in a rush to see everything because I was going to my grandmother's for lunch at noon. I hastily went around, not really taking my time, buying from my favorite vendors and picking out a 4-pound bag of Romney lamb's wool:

Romney Lamb's fleece

Then it was off to my gram's. Lunch was New England Boiled Dinner, which I love. Come on, salty corned beef brisket, cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, beets. It was so good. Then I returned home to wait for my sister and niece, who were coming over. Then it was back to Tunbridge for the second part of the class- how to properly wash fleece. Actually, this part was good because we got to go over all the different fleeces that the students purchased- see the different breeds and colors and cost and cleanliness. We washed a bit and hoped it would dry before Sunday's class on actual carding/combing and spinning.

So yeah, Sunday was more fleece processing. I left class a little early to run down to the fairgrounds for a couple errands (picking up the knit items I entered in the fair contest; picking up a sheepskin for the cats) before heading home for the 1pm Patriots game (ugh). I was so depressed after the game, I took a nap for a few hours. Then I had a few hours in the evening for supper, laundry and the new Netflix show Luke Cage.

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