[vermont] Tunbridge Fair 2016

Pictures from the fair! I went with my sister and niece on Thursday. The weather was gorgeous. First we stopped to admire the horses (Morgan horse judging had just started):

Morgan horse judging #tunbridgefair

Then we went to the other end of the fairgrounds to check out the animal barns. All the pigs were napping:

Swine love πŸ–❤️πŸ–

A couple steers relaxing:

#barnlife #tunbridgefair

We got some fair food and saw some of the harness racing and pony pulling. We went through the craft barn but they were still judging items. I did see a quilt that I wanted to bring home:

My favorite quilt! #tunbridgefair

Friday night I went with a friend to the beer hall:

#tunbridgefair beer hall

Saturday we went back for more revelry. We got some lunch and sat in grandstands for the cavalcade.

Livestock cavalcade. Steer presentation. #tunbridgefair

Then the vegetable barn:

Good use of different gourds!

All weekend long I had been making a joke that I needed one potato to make a Korean doenjang jjigae. I had the doenjang, onion, squash, scallions, stock, etc. I just needed ONE POTATO. Standing in the vegetable barn, I see the blue ribbon, best-in-show potato... sitting there on a paper plate... And I start fantasizing about using it in my stew. #potatofantasies

Best watermelon:

Best Watermelon

These pumpkins looked like they had peanut shells all over them- and they're called Peanut Pumpkins (this French heirloom variety is actually called BrodΓ© Galeux d'Eysines):

Peanut shell pumpkins

Apparently the more peanut-shell warts the pumpkin has, the sweeter it is!

More animals:

Tunbridge Fair

Tunbridge Fair

A ferris wheel ride:

Tunbridge Fair

It was a long day but so good. Saturday afternoon is when I went through the craft barn again and saw the Best in Show ribbon for the first time on my socks. Sunday evening I went to pick up my items and premium check (not even going to deposit it- going to cash it and use it as my spending money at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend!). 

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