[vermont] Green Frog

Around our house, we have a nice little (overgrown) pond, brooks, wetland, marshy areas, which is all great for amphibians. This past weekend when I was weeding the new flower bed, this guy rushed out at me. I saw something move toward me but I kept weeding. Then I felt something ram into my ankle. I looked down and it was a frog.

I backed off and we stared at each other for a while. I retreated and started to weed a few feet away, looking at the frog. He obviously felt like master of the universe for running me off, because he sat in the mulch, watching me. I got up and left to go back up to the house for my phone. I came back and, with me looming over him trying to take a picture, he jumped face-first into the tree stump.

He didn't like me weeding around his tree stump. 🐸

Then he made his way around the stump and hid under a rock step. He may be mad at me for weeding the jungle of cover he formerly had.

Dollar spent the entire weekend mowing. Here's looking down on a side lawn from the corner of my shade bed:

One section of the lawn mowed, looking so nice. ❤️ @blabpipebassist

It looks so nice. We never even use that section of the lawn and you can't see it from the driveway or house. But he still mows it.

As for knitting, the afghan border is complete and the project is done- apart from washing/blocking. I've started a pair of mittens which will hopefully be done in time for the fair next week.

*EDIT: I mistakenly thought this was a Northern Leopard Frog but it's a common Green Frog. I submitted it to the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas and they corrected me. In the past, I've reported snapping turtles and the painted turtle that we saw in the road early in the summer. I saw a big fat toad in the vegetable garden a couple weeks ago and now I'm regretting not getting a picture. This is like real-life Pokemon: I want to catch pictures of rare ones!

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