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I ended a couple of my monthly subscriptions and signed up for a new one: KitNipBox. Dollar and I were becoming progressively dissatisfied with our LootCrate monthly boxes- so I ended that. I also had a subscription to Audible and after months of accumulating credits, I've downloaded all the unabridged Song of Ice and Fire books, as well as a couple other titles. I need to catch up on all those books before I start that subscription again.

I ordered a KitNipBox and it arrived less than a week later. I put it on the bed where Murderface was and went to round up the rest of the cats. I came back and Murderface had already claimed it:

Murderface claims the first #kitnipbox delivery for himself. Penny eventually makes him share. 🐯🐱

Penny's in the background, patiently waiting until the box is open before making her move.

In the box:


6 toys, one of which was pole with fish at the end of the string. All different types and high quality. A bag of freeze-dried chicken treats and a sample bag of dry food. And, of course, the box:


This was the $30 box and we were happy with it. Dollar was like, "I don't know if they need ALL these new toys every month." And he's right. Last night I took out the cats' toy basket and sprinkled, like, 20 toys in front of each cat on the floor. And they played with them like they'd never seen them before. I downgraded our KitNipBox subscription to the smaller, $20/month delivery. We'll see how next month goes and whether or not to keep the subscription going.

P.S. Santana wasn't interested in the initial unboxing; she just wanted the treats. She wasn't into the toys... until 4am in the morning. That's when she decided it was time to play with the noisiest toys, up and down the hall.

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