[gardening] What's blooming mid-September

Having last Friday off work was so nice. The days are getting cooler and shorter. In the late morning, I took a walk about the front yard. First, I picked some wild apples:

Not gonna let the deer get all the apples. Picking these for a piiiieeeee. 🍏🍎🍏🍎

I had to grab and shake some of the branches, to get some big, ripe ones to fall. Wanted to get big ones to make an apple pie with. There were some pretty mushrooms growing on one of the mossy apple tree limbs:

Fungi on the apple tree limb. #Vermont #mushrooms #mycology

I went down to the large flowerbed to check things out. The purple bee balm is blooming a bit more:

Purple bee balm. #monarda #vermont

I like the soft lilac color these turned out to be. After googling "purple bee balm", I was expecting a strong magenta but this light color was a nice surprise.

Dew was still clinging to everything. I put in two different asters over Labor Day weekend, one of which is just starting to bloom:

Purple aster sparkles with morning dew. ✨✨✨✨✨

Love the dew making it look so sparkly!

There are lots of wild asters blooming now to keep the bees busy. Here's a nice, thick group along the edge of our yard:

Lots of wild #aster blooming now.

Dewy cobwebs hung from several branches of this forsythia:

Cobwebs on the struggling forsythia I put in this summer. Hope it bounces back next spring.

This forsythia is looking a little shabby- I put it in mid-summer and we've basically been in drought all summer. Hopefully we'll have a super-snowy winter (yay, snowmobiling finally!) and this shrub will bounce back next spring.

It was so nice to walk around, take pictures and check everything out in the late morning. I was like, "Ugh, if only I didn't have to work, I could do this every day!" But I'm sure that's what everyone thinks. I should just take 4-day weekends more often ;)

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