[cooking] Homemade ramen

First attempt at homemade ramen:

First try making homemade ramen last night. Needs tweaking but good. #ramen

Broth is chicken stock and bone broth, drizzle of ponzu and brown rice vinegar, minced garlic, a couple carrots (simmered in it), a teaspoon of doenjang (Korean fermented soybean paste), salt. Removed the carrots when I added the ramen noodles to cook in it. Topped with sauteed trumpet mushrooms, pan fried pork belly, scallions, soft-boiled egg. The egg needed a couple more minutes- I'm happy I was even able to peel it- the yolk was completely runny as soon as you pierced it with a chopstick. Not bad but not the intention.

Overall, we enjoyed it. I would like to add more toppings- maybe some blanched spinach, a couple shrimp, kimchi (for me), seaweed. And a splash of toasted sesame oil to the broth. Nicely filling and warm dinner that we'll have again since the weather is cooling. Must remember to preheat the bowls in the oven a bit first.

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