[cooking] Homemade Cheese-its

My mom gave me one of those 3-lb bricks of Cabot sharp cheddar. I used my food processor to turn the entire block into shredded cheddar in about two minutes. But it was a mountain of shredded cheese. I made two casserole dishes of mac & cheese (one for me, one for my sister). I made a quiche. I made triple batch of dough for cheese crackers:

Hallelujah, it's raining! Celebrating with homemade cheese-its. Recipe from a cracker class I took at King Arthur Flour. Cabot cheddar, Amish butter, King Arthur flour, Penzeys chili powder. All my favorite things. #cabotcheese #kingarthurflour #penzeys #

These taste exactly like Cheez-Its, only I can call them Cheese-its because it's real cheese. The recipe is from a cracker class that I took at King Arthur Flour last year. Ingredients are simply: butter, shredded cheese, flour, salt, chili power, cayenne, pepper, paprika, touch of cold water. I used my ravioli cutter to make serrated edges.

Now to figure out how to use up all the shredded cheese I still have left. Maybe chive and cheddar scones this weekend?

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gayle said...

Mmmm... Cabot cheese...
Those crackers look amazing!
I have a sudden urge to make crackers. Thanks for the inspiration!