[painting] Winter Night

I did my most recent Bob Ross painting last Friday night:

Winter Night.

Season 3 Episode 4 (free to watch on YouTube). This was working on a canvas covered with liquid black, rather than liquid white, to create a night scene. At this point I didn't have many of the paint colors that Bob uses, so my background trees are green rather than grey. Also, I had a hard time with snowy-tree technique. I almost gave up on this painting halfway through but I'm glad I finished. No mistakes, just happy accidents.

Looking forward to having some free time this weekend to work on another one. But I really really really want to finish these socks I've been working on forever. And I'm going to Hmart with my mom tomorrow. And we've got to carve out some time to to see Captain America: Civil War (#TeamCap). I need a vacation.

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