[gardening] What's flowering in late May

Vacation can't come soon enough. I'm taking next week off to do all of my gardening. Things on my list so far:

1. Tidy/weed beds.

2. Re-edge flower beds

3. Plant the vegetable garden

4. Plant things in the new raised flower bed

5. Fertilize and Mulch all the things

Ugh, I feel tired just writing all the stuff out. But hopefully I can get it all done and the rest of the garden maintenance for the summer will be easy.

Meanwhile, more things are starting to bloom. Creeping thyme:


Candytuft- woodchucks didn't get it so this one is a winner with me.

#candytuft just starting to bloom in the backyard "test" bed. Got it on sale last year after the blooms had gone by- didn't know it would flower this early. The woodchucks didn't eat it so I'm going to divide it and move it to the front of the house.

These bearded irises have already come and gone:

Bearded #iris blooming. Love this color!

I've come to love all primula- they are small and give a nice little pop of color in the spring:


Last year I added some Victorian lace primrose:

Victorian lace primrose I added last year.

Last year I moved some bungleweed to a new location. It is blooming now and the bees are loving it:

Bee bumbling busily between bungleweed blossoms. 🌸🐝 #bumblebee

I planted a few stalks of Soloman's Seal last year and they multiplied well:

#solomansseal multiplied well. Planted only 3 or 4 last year.

I love the dangling little flowers. That's a bit of lady's mantle in front of it. This area is a new shade bed that I dug last year. A month ago it was hard to distinguish things I planted from the weeds or what was going to come up where. Yesterday I inspected the bed and was kind of in awe of much I planted last year and how good the bed is going to look.

In the backyard shade bed, Lamium is blooming:

#Lamium. Nice groundcover with silver leaves and purple flowers. Want it to spread in front of the hostas. #gardening #shadegarden

I planted this ground cover in front of hostas.

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