[cooking] Thanos' Muffins of DEATH (by chocolate)

A few months ago, Dollar and I decided to try out Loot Crate and we've been consistently happy with it. There's always something for him and something for me. Yesterday we received May's delivery, which had a POWER theme. Inside was an Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt. Marvel + cooking? Two of my favorite things! The booklet that comes with the crate contained a recipe. I put on the oven mitt, wielding all the infinite power in the universe, to gather the chocolate muffin ingredients:

Loot Crate arrived with a mother-flippin' Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt and a recipe for Thanos' muffins of Death. #lootcrate #infinitygauntlet #marvel #thanosmuffins #kingarthurflour

Thanos' Muffins of Death:

Chocolate muffins so good, Thanos grabs another. For Death, of course. (She likes the cayenne.) 🍫❤️ #thanosmuffins #marvel #lootcrate #infinitygauntlet

These muffins are fantastic- lots of chocolate with a little extra kick from cinnamon and cayenne.

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