[cooking] Blue Apron

I was able to try out Blue Apron for free last week. Basically it's a meal subscription plan where you receive ingredients and instructions for three 2-person dinners. Who knows what time the box was delivered to my rural house but when I opened it up after I got home from work, all the ingredients looked fresh and the meat (chicken, beef, shrimp) were still frozen between two ice packs.

My first recipe was a Thai red curry with shrimp and rice noodles:

Thai red curry coconut shrimp and rice noodles with collard greens and pea shoots. #blueapron

This was so good. I was a little worried about the coconut power and reconstituting it with water to make coconut milk- but it worked well. Plus- they show you how to plate and add little garnishes (like pea shoots) for a more photogenic dish.

Next: Soy-glazed meatballs:

Soy-glazed meatballs. #blueapron

These were fantastic as well- meatballs with an Asian twist. Here, the mixture is just ground beef, panko, minced ginger and scallion, salt and pepper. Pan cooked and then covered in a soy sauce glaze.

I didn't get to the chicken dish- the mushrooms have gone off before I had a chance to use them and our rabbit was given the kale (not because we dislike kale- I just ran out of his usual greens). But of course the meat is still fine so I'll just cook it up as something else.

The only negative thing I have to say is that there seems to be a lot of plastic waste associated with the delivery. All the ingredients are in individual plastic bags. One scallion? In a plastic baggie. The OTHER scallion I need for the other recipe? In different plastic baggie. The one radish? In a plastic bag. Thank goodness the LIME didn't come in a plastic bag.

Overall I'd give the experience an 8/10. You're doing all the cooking, the ingredients are excellent, the recipes are easy to follow and the finished dish is really tasty. I would definitely make these recipes again on my own and I can see how the program would boost the knowledge and confidence of people who maybe don't do much cooking at home. It was fun to tag my images with #blueapron and see all the other pics on Instagram. I may even order another delivery in the future- just for fun.

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