[travel] DC

Had a quick trip to DC this week. Passed by the back side of the White House:

White House security was in no-joke stay-on-the-sidewalk mode this afternoon. Didn't get to see the Prez.

Everyone had to stay on the side walk. Usually you're allowed to meander up to the black fence at the edge of the grass but everything was blocked off and security was tight. We saw several people (tourists and joggers) screamed at for setting one tippy-toe off the sidewalk. Typically this happens when the president or some other VIP is returning to the White House. Who knows- who knows when they're arriving, who knows who it will be, etc. I get on my phone and searched "where is the president", which you'd think wouldn't work, but it's how I figured out that it was the African American caucus that was coming up to the White House for a meeting. Their bus pulled up in a few minutes.

While we waited, we watched the overly-friendly, overly-fed squirrels:

Black squirrel at the White House

And this trip was my first time sampling raw oysters around the city:

Had so many oysters in DC this trip.

My new favorite food.

I brought sock yarn as my travel knitting and managed to knit one entire sock. Now I've got a couple days to figure out what to do for Valentine's Day.

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