[misc] Murderface Thursday

A week and a half ago, Murderface had to have one of his canine teeth extracted because of decay. Santana was missing three of hers by the time we adopted her and eventually had to have the last one taken out for the same decay that MF had. Who knows if these teeth problems are hereditary or what but Santana's track record doesn't bode well for MF.

Anyway, I brought him down to the vet on a Monday morning. He was sedated, his tooth pulled and the rest cleaned. He was awake by 1pm and we picked him up at 3. He was out of it and stumbled around for the rest of the evening- we had to keep and eye on him at all times so he didn't try to jump on things or slip on the stairs.

Here he is recovering at home:


His diet has to be straight-up soft food for 14 days. I found some soft treats that I could give him. This is him hearing the treat bag crinkling:

Murderface waiting for treats

When it's treat time, the cats show how deserving they are by being nice and kissing one another:

Kissy Kissy

Then they eat all the treats and go back to hating and fighting with each other.

I had a quick trip to the DC area again this week. When I got home last night, the cats showed me how much they missed me. Murderface cat-loafed on my chest on the couch during a movie:



Saren Johnson said...

You have such cute cats.

amy said...

Thank you!! :D