[spinning] Niagara Falls

Last year I took a trip to Niagara Falls and brought back a 4oz bump of Merino:


I split the fiber into two lengths and pre-drafted. The plan was to spin each thin and chain ply to retain the gradual color change from blue to brown. 

If I leave any of the unspun fiber unattended, Murderface "helps" by needle-felting it in places:

Kneading / Felting

Then I have to come along and carefully peel apart the sections that are matted together. Classic Murderface.

The final yarn:

Handspun yarn

They're about the same- one skein has slightly more yardage than the other. I'd like to knit a pair of simple fingerless gloves. Basically sleeves- no hole for the thumb or anything- just arm warmers.

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