[misc] Penny Friday

Picked up a little container of cat grass:

Cat grass

In the past, Murderface was only sort-of interested in it. Santana doesn't care. Penny loves the stuff- she will eat it all at once if I let her. I try to ration it by keeping it up on the counter, but she just jumps up onto the counter to eat it.

* * * * *

I have a plan to winter sow perennial flower seeds. Seed packets just arrived in some of the garden stores around here; I've picked up lavender, shasta daisies, black-eyed susan, hollyhock, blue sage, butterfly weed, delphinium... a dozen different kinds. All for around $15. 

Now I need to find containers. I didn't save up any clear jugs or salad containers (oops). And I don't want to buy anything. I wonder if I go to a recycling center, whether or not they'll let me take stuff. Probably not.

The only disappointing aspect so far is that most sources say that you won't get blooms from the perennials until the 2nd year. I'm like, 2015?!?! So, I might winter sow the perennials this weekend and then wait until March to winter sow some annuals. I need to have some blooms this summer.

It's still too early to think about what's going to come up this spring, but I transplanted a lot of purple irises that I hope to see come up. I got quite a few daffodil and crocus bulbs into the ground. I planted a shade garden behind the house with ferns, hostas and old-fashioned bleeding hearts. 

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