[cross-stitching] Bookmark

For Christmas I received a gallon zip-lock bag of embroidery floss. It was a jumble of colors but all already neatly wound onto bobbins. I selected tonal pairs of colors for a bookmark:

Cross-stitch bookmark
Using a Shakespeare book to display it, to make me appear smarter than I am.

No pattern, per se. I used a small motif from an out-of-print cross-stitch book that I picked up last summer at the Five-Colleges Book Sale.

To make the bookmark less floppy (and hide the messy wrong side!), I added a felt back:

Cross-stitch bookmark

To do this, once I was all done with the colored design, I simply put both the felt fabric and Aida cloth onto my Q-snap frame and stitched the thin dark brown border through both pieces, to tack them both together. 

Cross-stitch bookmark

Then I cut a rather generous border around and pulled away one row of the Aida cloth around to make a frilly edge. I imagine more will fall away over time, as it's used more. This was a good project to use some of the long, skinny strips of leftover Aida that I cut away from larger cross-stitch projects.

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Natalie J said...

I love this! Great use of colors. :)