[crochet] Little Miss Sunshine Blanket

This past summer I knit a baby blanket for Dollar's niece. Penny really wanted it. She would get into my lap as I worked on it, declaring "mine mine mine" as she kneaded it. Despite her best efforts, it was given away. I promised that I would make her one and finally got around to it now that the holiday knitting frenzy is over.

Penny's blanket

Pattern: Little Miss Sunshine (Ravelry)

Yarn: Mystery dk-weight acrylic. Given to me by Dollar's mom, no labels. Nice and soft; most definitely machine washable.

Penny's blanket

Modification: For the scalloped border, you're meant to skip a stitch and work the scallops. It was coming out too ruffly, so I skipped 2 stitches instead as I worked the border around. 

All three cats like the blanket. I'll have to make a couple more. And Dollar said he wants one, too. His is going to be The Great American Aran Afghan. I need to get back into making blocks for this. I have 6 done- just need to make another 6.

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