[vermont] Lamb-sitting

Last weekend, we visited some friends who were lamb-sitting for a while:

Friends are babysitting a 1.5 week old lamb. #cute #aww

This lamb was only 1.5 weeks old and loved to bounce around, chew on anything and follow you. So cute.

After unending, soul-crushing rain for close to 2 months, we finally had a nice evening. Even the humidity dropped. I pruned some of an overgrown hydrangea bush and made a big, floofy bouquet:


I saw wild blackberries growing around/behind the hydrangeas and asked Dollar to weed-whack a path to them. He's the red shirt down there:


Oh man, I could have stayed outside all night. There was even a nice breeze to keep the bugs away! Please please please please please let the rest of the summer be like this.

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gayle said...

Soul-crushing rain is right. *sigh*
The lamb is adorable!