[cross-stitching] Pulp Fiction

I finished the mystery Steotchalong sampler:

New cross-stitch. This ought to put people at ease in my home. #steotchalong #saywhat1moretime #crossstitch

Jules from Pulp Fiction and his Bible (mis-)quote.

My project is riddled with small errors. A missed quarter stitch here, a forgotten half-stitch there, wrong color outlining an area, misplaced words, etc. BUT, it's a forgiving pattern and I only fixed the errors that would be blatantly noticeable. Otherwise, if it was a small thing, I just said, "Meh. Good enough." Really, looking at the finished piece, it's hard to tell where the errors are.

The 8-part pattern was well written and straight-forward. If you like paint-by-numbers, you will like doing this. It was tedious, sure, and hard to see at times (e.g. seeing where your back-stitches are when you're working over the same exact color in the middle of the face). Also, I couldn't have done this pattern without my iPad- I had to zoom in to the charts to see the symbols inside the tiny quarter stitches.

It was all worth it. This is undoubtedly the coolest, most awesome cross-stich I've made so far.


Allyssa said...

A friend of mine just came across this and is begging me to make it for her. Do you know how I can get my hands on the pattern since it's no longer posted?

Petra Deason said...

I was wondering how to get the pattern too. My mom found this over a year ago and said it would be the perfect Christmas or Mother's Day gift for her. Haha! But no matter where I have looked or what I have Googled, I can't find a pattern. I would just eyeball it but I want to make sure I have the correct skin colors or it might look really messed up.

Jessica Fee said...

Hi! Is there any way that you do have this pattern? Or have anyone else had any luck getting it?