[knitting] Drumstick Quiver

Dollar asked for a new felted bag to hold his drumsticks. Since I've been diligently working on a pair of stranded mittens (fingering-weight yarn, size US 2 needles, 8" circular needles of hand-cramping torture), any excuse to throw the project aside and work on something else was welcome. 

It was done the next night.

Here it is knit up:

Drumstick Quiver

I used two balls of Zitron Nimbus and US 10 needles. I cast on 6 stitches, joined in the round, increased 6 stitches every round until I reached 48 stitches, purl a couple rounds, then knit a long tube. Cast-off most of the stitches, then made a long strap on 16 or so stitches to use up the rest of the yarn.

I ran it though a couple hot, soapy cycles in the washer. Pressed the water out and dropped a couple straight drinking glasses into the tube to shape it while it dried. It ended up being about the size of a Pringles can.

Drumstick Quiver

We figured out where/how it would hang from his drum kit before I sewed on a big button and cut a slit into the strap for the button.

Drumstick Quiver

So the idea is: as he's drumming, if a stick flies out of his hand, he'll have another within easy reach to pull and continue playing on.

Now... back to the mittens :( 

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Sava said...

I love projects born out of necessity. They are always the most clever :)