[vermont] White Winter

Well, that was a relaxing Christmas break. I finished most of the projects that I was making. Puttered around the house. The 2nd half of my vacation was spent on an iPad. I broke down and got myself one strictly for boardgames. Dollar and I have been playing Puerto Rico the most- because we can sit side-by-side and look at the screen at the same time (there are no hidden elements for players). We did pass-and-play for Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, but that really drags out what should be quick games.

I did leave the house, now and then, for provisions. We got about 14 inches of snow one day, followed by another 4 the next day. When the town plow comes through, they do a good job clearing our dirt road:



Before all that nice plowing, Dollar and I did head out to a convenience store when the roads were still kind of bad. I had Dollar drive me because I was too scared. We came upon a car w/NH plates abandoned in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD when we were heading down the big hill. We couldn't find the person that left it there. And it was still there when we came back through. I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to driving in snow/ice and it took all my willpower not to shriek "SLOW DOWN" every time we approached a bend in the road.

We did our annual Christmas watching of the Die Hard movies. We were watching a car chase in the last one with John McClane wildly swerving to and fro at reckless speeds. I turned to Dollar and said, "That is exactly how you were driving today." He thought that that was funneh.

Now it's time to compile a list of all the crafty things I want to do in 2013!


Sara said...

Great job on your road - some of the roads/streets here in Claremont don't look that good.

I'm loving the snow - although not the -degrees we are feeling now...

Are you going to SPA? And, how is Murderface?

amy said...

I've never been to SPA, but I'd love to some day. Murderface is good- he's my snuggle buddy, esp now with the cold temps. It was -12 at our house this AM!!!