[crafts] Cat Coasters

I made some coasters for my sister, who has a black cat:

Cat Coasters

EEEEEE!! They're so cute!! The images are from an old Le Chat Noir calendar and these faces ended up being just the right size for 4" x 4" tiles. They were easy and fast to make:

Cat Coasters

I cut the images around the tiles then neatened/straightened the edges with a cutting mat and exacto knife. Mod Podge the tiles. Apply the images. Add 4 coats of Mod Podge over the course of an evening. The next morning, I sprayed felt with adhesive and pressed the tiles onto the felt. Covered everything with a matte sealer. Cut away the excess felt when everything's dry.

Cat Coasters

I gave them to my sister at The Worthy Burger. We ended up using them right away :)

Cat Coasters

When one of the guys who works there came to take away a couple of our empty glasses, he saw the coasters but didn't say anything. I think he thought we were very polite, though, to bring our own coasters to a restaurant.

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gayle said...

I love your coasters! Fun to make and fun to give - the perfect combination.