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This past summer there were about 50 pianos scattered all over the Upper Valley. Each one was painted by a different artist and sat outside various businesses, for anyone and everyone to play. Once the program was over, what was going to happen to all the pianos? Well, if the business and artist didn't want it, they were being thrown away. They were going to be made available to the public, on a first come, first served basis at the dump. 

I asked Dollar if he wanted a free piano. Obviously, the answer was 'yes'. So we went and got one!!


We got up early, went down to borrow my mom's truck and went to the dump to wait in line. By 8:30, there were more than a dozen trucks lined up at the gate. It was funny to see people driving by on their morning commute, craning their neck to look and wonder what kind of awesome garbage the dump must be giving away that day to make so many people queue up.

We were 3rd in line. We drove around to where about 20 pianos were waiting. After passing over a few with stuck, messed-up keys, I saw this one and immediately wanted it. ALL the keys worked and it sounded very nice.

It took an extra three people to help us lift it onto the bed of the truck. Then we strapped it down and left to go to work. With a free piano. When I got home in the afternoon, I saw that Dollar had already backed the truck up to basement door. I'll gloss over how scary it was for just the two of us to lift and lower an upright grand piano from the bed of the truck to the ground. And how impossibly difficult it was to lift one end of the piano 8 inches up and forward to just get it into the doorframe. 

I will brag and say that I dead lifted the entire thing myself. Why? Because OLYMPICS, that's why. At that point, one end was in the door frame. I went to the other end, put my back against it, grabbed the handles behind me and f'ing lifted the entire thing with my legs. Dollar gets in front of me, puts his hands against the end of the piano just above my shoulders and starts pushing. So we're face to face, going "UNNGGGHH!!! UNHH! NNUUHHHH!! WIGGLE IT!! UGH, PUSH!! WIGGLE IT!!" It must have looked high-larious. I couldn't stop laughing afterwards. But we got the piano in and... I can't even believe it, really.

After much, much, MUCH cleaning, we have a pretty new piano that sounds awesome. It sounds really, really awesome. I was all, "Look at me making music" as I was wiping down each one of the keys with cleaner and disinfectant.


It came with a nice leather stool that opens up:

Piano Piano

There are a couple black keys that are broken, but the notes still work and it will be easily fixed with glue.


Neither once of us plays the piano, so I'll get some beginner books and maybe start with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I wonder if there are any piano/drum duets that we can learn?


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gayle said...

Wow! That's an amazing piano! And free? Lucky lucky you!