[cooking] Blueberries

Last fall we planted 3 blueberry bushes in the back yard. One is doing much better than the other two, but all a producing some berries:

Blueberry bush in the back yard

I was able to pick nearly a pint:


I decided to make a shrub. I did a lazy shrub- mashed the berries with sugar, added a bit of water, then apple cider vinegar. I put the jar into the fridge and shook it up periodically until all the sugar was dissolved. After three days I stained it through a jelly bag and put the liquid into a bottle. 

The first drink I made was a bit of shrub, a bit of vodka, some club soda. I was tasty with a hint of vinegar taste and smell. The taste isn't so much a problem, for me it was the whiff of vinegar that came off the top of the drink- I couldn't help bit smell it with every sip.

From what I've read, the shrub mellows over time. I'll see how the shrub is after another week in the fridge. 


Boozyknits said...

Wow, I've never heard of a "shrub". I'll have to try it. Did you acidify the soil before planting the blues?

amy said...

I regularly sprinkle my used coffee ground around the base of the bushes to up the acidity of the soil. But I didn't do anything to the soil before planting them.