[knitting] Wingspan

Finished and blocked Wingspan:


Pattern: Wingspan (rav link)

Yarn: Mary Maxim Step It Up

Needles: US 4


Mods: The short rows in the pattern don't call for any wrap-and-turns, so if you knit it as written, you will have holes along the sides of the wedges. I'm not really a fan of the wrap-and-turn short row method (esp with SO MANY short rows to work), so I did a modified German short row technique. You work a yarn-over at the turn, then knit the two stitches together when working back across. It was easy to do and no holes.


This is a pretty pattern perfect for yarns with long, gradual changes in color. But... I don't really like it. Too angular and asymmetrical. And the two wedges of yellow/green at the end (which was a result of finding knots in the yarn) annoy me. I jumped on the Wingspan bandwagon and I'm jumping back off.

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