[misc] Heat Seeker

This is Penny:


She's very vocal. Mostly I think she just says, "I'm cold. I'm cold. I'm COLD!" She's the number one heat-seeker/seat-stealer in the house. If you get up from the couch, when you come back- she's in your seat. If you sit up in bed, when you try to lay back down- she's curled up where your back was.

Since we let the kitties into the garage after we get home from work, Penny's started doing this:

Penny on my car

She lays on the nice, warm vent. 

What I think she's really trying to tell me is that she wants a sweater. One that isn't too big for her, like Murderface's sweater that I put on her a couple weeks ago. 

She will get a sweater, oh yes she will.


Went to the Comcast Center last night in Mansfield, MA to see Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper. Good show- Alice Cooper is a great performer and singer. 14,000 people were there to see Iron Maiden. It was crazy. No, wait, that's not crazy. What's crazy were the prices of merchandise and concessions:

Concert T-Shirts: $40 - $50
One cup of beer: $12
Fried dough: $8

I heard one drunk dude next to me say to his friends "I got twenny dollars left... an' I'm savin' it fer chili cheese fries!" Yeah. You're probably going to need the whole twenty.

It was a good venue, good crowd, but it would take a pretty amazing band for me to go back to see another show there. It took way, way, way, way waywaywayway too long to get out of the parking lot. We didn't get back home until 4am.

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