[knitting] Kindle Cover

I knit a little sleeping bag for my Kindle:

Kindle Kover

This is yarn that I spun in 2010!


This is why I want to knit 50% of all my projects with handspun this year. I have two gigantic bags at home with handspun yarn.

There was no pattern for this, just started with a few rows of garter stitch. Then for the main body I knit with 2 purl stitches at each edge. Then a ribbed top. I first used this with the knit side showing and purl seams along the edge. When I turned it inside out the weave in the yarn ends, I slipped in the Kindle and it fits MUCH better inside-out:

Kindle Kover

The purl seams on the inside hug the edges of the Kindle, so the cover doesn't twist around at all.

Kindle Kover

The blues remind me of the ocean (the colorway is called Squall) and I was thinking about maybe sewing on some felt sea pieces- maybe some seaweed or fish or coral or something. Someday. But for now it's serving it's purpose.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you,
I am a knitter and was in the fabric store today looking for a pattern for my kindle. This is it! I can knit, but am not a good sewer. This will be a lot less expensive than buying a cover at Walmart.
Thanks again