[knitting] Holy Hand Grenade

It's done! The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch:

Holy Hand Grenade

I would like to do more (in particular- sew some pearls on) but I'm calling this done so it's not hanging over my head anymore.

The pattern is free on Ravelry: Holy Hand Grenade. I knit this using gold and silver yarn that I bought at White River Yarns. 

Holy Hand Grenade

The pin is removable- which isn't how the pattern is written but I felt that a removable pin was a must:

Holy Hand Grenade

It's an extra large safety pin that I sewed the cross to. You need to have a removable pin so that you can pull it, count to three (One... Two... FIVE!) and throw it at whatever killer rabbit is attacking you.

The chest is an unfinished box that I bought at Michael's and stained in a dark walnut color. I also glued a few gold squares around the lock and brass circles to the ends:

Holy Hand Grenade

Just to dress up the box a bit.

The red fabric is a crushed panne that I got a Joann's. I was prepared to spend way to much on a pure, rich velvet but saw a little roll of red in the remnants bin- and it was perfect. And $2.79.

Holy Hand Grenade

And I got red flat-backed rhinestones and slightly smaller clear ones to glue all around the silver straps. I used E-6000 glue, which is supposed to be good for fabric, wood, metal, anything and dries to a clear rubber. The rhinestones are holding on really well.

So. Done. Love it. Nailed it. Hope I don't ever have to use it ;)

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gayle said...

I love that sooooo much! Brother Maynard would be proud...